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Subject: college ball-8 Jeremiah University is a predominately black college campus in
Minnesota Maryland. It’s a large school, and very well received by the
College Guide Association Of America. There was a large library, an
auditorium, a sports center, a stadium, a student hall, an academic
building where classes resumed, male and female dormitories, a clock tower,
and several houses where the college fraternities and sororities pledge.____________________________________________________________________________COLLEGE-BALL-8 The score boards read Visitors-89, Home-93, as the Jeremiah Jaguars
entered the last few minutes of the game with the Plymouth Panthers.
The Panthers were a formidable team, but no threat against the
combined might of Tyrome Smith and Clarence Johnson at their peaks. In the
final seconds of the game with the Panthers in play, the Jaguars stole a
turnover with a mad dash down court to the hoop. Mikiah Washington dribbled
the ball fast down court, passing to teammate Jason Outlaw, who passed
quickly to Clarence Johnson. Clarence ran the ball in for a lay up. When
opposition ran interference, he slyly passed the ball behind his back to
Tyrome Smith who quickly slammed it in the hoop for two more points. The
buzzer rang signifying the end of the game as he hung swinging from the rim
with a triumphant yell. Jeremiah fans roared as they won 95 to 89. Usually after a successful high energy game such as this, Tyrome
and Clarence would return to Ty’s room (or in this case their out of town
hotel) and swap mutual blow jobs until both men were feasting on each
other’s copious loads. Then after a brief break, Clarence would usually
start eating Tyrome’s anal pussy until it was sopping wet and begging for
his thick 12 inch black mega wood. Preteen Model Pics And lastly Clarence would usually slide
his big dick (usually gently) into Ty’s achingly hungry asshole and butt
fuck him until both men came geysers of hot juices all over the bed and/or
in each other.
This is what USUALLY happened between games and practice sessions
as the team grew higher and higher in the standings. USUALLY, because there
were times where Tyrome preferred female company instead. Having Preteen Model Pics had a
reputation as a `ladies man’ long before Clarence showed up, Ty felt it
necessary to keep up appearances for his image as he continued to see (and
fuck) various women about campus. This didn’t go over too well with
Clarence (as one might suspect), as he wanted he and Tyrome to date each
other exclusively.”But I ain’t gay!” explained Tyrome one night in their hotel room after a
victory party where he flirted with females all night, ignoring his male
lover.”Then what do you call what we’ve been doing all this time?” asked
Clarence, baffled.”That was just experimenting…!” explained Tyrome, insensitively. “We’re
in college…, people experiment in college!” he reasoned.”Experiment…?” questioned Clarence, not buying it. “Nobody who’s just
`experimenting’ swallows 12 inches of solid dick like you do!” insisted
Clarence. “You’re fooling yourself if you think all this is just an
experiment! You LOVE sucking my dick and getting fucked! There’s no way you
can just walk away from all that!”"Who says I’m walking away?” asked Ty. “All I’m saying is I like dick, but
I LOVE pussy! I’m not gay like you are! I…, I guess I’m…bisexual!”"Bisexual…?” laughed Clarence, recalling how Tyrome came all over his own
face the last time he butt fucked him with his legs up over his
head. Tyrome was taking every inch of his 12 inch prize meat, and cumming
like a faucet as he licked his own cum from his lips. What straight man
does that?”Look…, I’m not saying I don’t like it when we fuck…, I do, you know I
do! But I need pussy too! I can’t go too long without feeling something hot
and wet wrapped around my dick! I AM a man dammit!!”"So if I let you fuck me, would that keep you from seeing women?” asked
Clarence, wondering what would it take to make Tyrome commit?”I’m not interested in fucking a guy!” said Tyrome, honestly. “That’s what
I want women for!”"So you just wanna go through life playing on both sides of the fence? You
don’t wanna commit fully to nobody, –ever?” asked Clarence.”Not right now, no!” answered Ty. “Look man, I’m only 20! I ain’t looking
to settle down with a man OR a women! I like things the way they are!”
explained Ty.”Fucking any and everybody?” countered Clarence.”You’re the only guy I’ve fucked with…, don’t that count for something?”
asked Ty.”Whatever, man! It’s YOUR life! Do what you want to!” said Clarence,
gathering up his shit as he headed for the hotel door.”Where you going?” asked Tyrome curiously, watching Clarence pack. “What?
Oh so you MAD at me now?”"Hey…, you want your freedom? Don’t let ME stand in your way, man! Go
back to the victory party, pick up some bitch! Or better yet…, pick up a
guy AND a girl, have yourself a nice 3way!” suggested Clarence, walking out
the door. “Hope you don’t get Chlamydia!”"Why it gotta be like that, man?” asked Tyrome, standing in the doorway as
Clarence disappeared down the hall.
He knocked on the first door he thought of.”Yo…, wussup…?” asked Derek Wilson, Preteen Model Pics looking down at Clarence’s
suitcase. “Everything aiight? What’s wrong?”"Nothin’ man…, can I bunk in here with you and Jason?” asked Clarence,
looking like a lost puppy.”Yeah man, sure! Come in!” insisted Derek, opening the door wider.
Clarence went in and sat down his suitcase as Derek closed and
locked the door. “What happened with you and Ty? Yall get into a fight?” he
asked, curiously.”I don’t wanna talk about that nigga!” said Clarence frustrated, not
wanting to pull the cat out of the bag.”Okay.” said Derek, walking back to his bunk bed as he flopped down and
picked up watching cable TV where he left off.”It’s just that Preteen Model Pics
fucking Ty…!” screamed Clarence, needing to release his
drama on someone.”He still blaming you for trying to steal his thunder?” questioned Derek,
assuming the argument was game related.”Naw…, fuck it!” said Clarence, having said too much already. Derek
handed him a pillow as he laid out on the floor at the foot of the two
beds. Jason came out of the bathroom, a fresh towel wrapped around his trim
waist, showing off his pale muscular abs.”Wazup?” he asked Derek, looking at Clarence lying on the floor.”He and Ty had another fight.” offered Derek, thinking Preteen Model Pics nothing else about
Jason chuckled.”As much as you two argue, you’d might as well be dating!” he laughed, as
he got into his single bed. Everyone chuckled at the joke. Everyone but
Clarence. The next morning, the school bus pulled up in front of the hotel
for the team to board. All players were reported to be downstairs and on
the bus before 10am. Tyrome was handing his bag to the driver to store
under the bus in storage, when he saw Jason, Derek, and Clarence walking
out of the hotel together, laughing as if they were sharing a private joke.”Sup Ty?” spoke Jason, handing the driver his bag before boarding the bus.”Sup man?” asked Derek, handing off his bag Preteen Model Pics
as he still sensed some tension
in the air. He looked back at Clarence and shrugged his shoulders before
climbing aboard the bus.
Clarence ignored Ty all together as he handed the driver his
suitcase.”So you spent the night in Derek’s suite last night?” asked Tyrome,
sounding jealous. “What’s up with you two? You fucking HIM now?” asked Ty,
causing the bus driver’s eyebrows to rise.
Clarence grabbed Ty by the arm and pulled him away from the bus.”What the fuck’s wrong with you? Why you acting like this?” asked Clarence,
trying to keep his voice down so none of the boarding team members could
hear him.”Acting like what?” asked Ty, playing dumb.”Acting like THIS…!” said Clarence, looking Ty up and down. “…like some
stupid jealous bitch!”"Jealous?” questioned Ty surprised, pulling down his designer shades. “Who
was the one who stormed out of the room mad last night?” asked Ty. “You!”
answered Ty. “You’re Jealous, I’m Tyrome!”"Whatever, man!” said Clarence, not wanting to play Ty’s head trips. On the bus heading home, the team was still in good spirits over
their win with the Plymouth Panthers. They were the fourth top team last
year, behind: Seymour, Jeremiah, and Claremont. Everyone was in a light
mood, talking, feeling free, and cracking jokes about each other’s mommas.
Tyrome keeps a weary eye on Clarence from behind, watching his
every move as he interacted with teammates (Derek Wilson in
particular). Coach Brown kept a Preteen Model Pics weary eye on Tyrome, sensing something
wrong with his two star players. He didn’t want a repeat of Ty’s miserable
game at the beginning of the season when he couldn’t make a simple bucket. Back in Jeremiah-U, the bus unloads in front of the stadium as team
members head for their cars to unload their luggage. “Hey, Ty…!” called
Coach Brown, calling his Point Guard over. “I can’t help but notice Preteen Model Pics a rift
between you and Johnson again…, do I have to worry about pulling you out
next game?”"Naw, Coach!” insisted Ty. “I’m kewl! Don’t worry bout me!”"Yeah…, okay. But I’m keeping my eye on you!” warned Brown. “Okay men,
FIVE minutes to store you bags, then give me 10 laps around the field
before sinking 20 balls from the 3point line!” ordered Brown.”C’mon Coach…, can’t we get a break? I mean, we just whopped Plymouth’s
asses!” teased Ty.”10 laps, 20 balls! Move it people!” yelled Coach Brown, heading towards
his office.
The team stripped down out of their sweatsuits to their practice
shorts and started Preteen Model Pics
jogging around the field. Coach Brown watched from a
distance through binoculars, focusing more on the player’s crotches than
their laps.
Staring at the meaty bulges bouncing up and down in the shorts
allowed Coach Brown to imagine what each player lay packing between their
legs. Makiah Washington looked to be carrying a heavy piece, as did
Clarence Johnson, and Armand Robinson had a big bubble ass, as did Tyrome,
and Derek Wilson. After practice the team hit the showers before heading
home. Teammates Kevin Greene and Robyn Fuller tried lingering around until
nearly everyone went home before ducking into the storeroom. “What you two
niggas doing in here?” asked teammate Leonard Taylor (19, 6-3, dark brown,
muscular athletic build).”uh…, nothing man, we just chillen!” said Kevin, jittery.”ah…, you two up to something…!” teased Leonard, looking around to make
sure the coast was clear. “Yall bout to light some weed?” he asked,
curiously.”Naw man, we just chillen is all!” insisted Robyn, agitated.”Bullshit man! Who chills inna fucking Preteen Model Pics storeroom?” asked Leonard,
skeptically.”Should we tell him?” asked Kevin, blowing the lead off.”Tell me what?” asked Leonard, refusing to go away.
Robyn signed, not wanting everyone in on their find.”Kev’ and I found this gloryhole in the wall over here…” informed Robyn,
against his better judgment.”Gloryhole? What the fuck is that?” asked Leonard. “Is that…? That’s one
of those hole in the walls they be having at those peepshows downtown!” he
realized. “Men stick their dicks in and let other men suck them off!” he
He looked up at Robyn and Kevin questionably. “You two suck dick
through holes?” he asked, wearily.”Fuck no!!” yelled Robyn. “WE found this hole a couple days ago…, Preteen Model Pics someone
was in on the other side…”"They sucked our dicks!” admitted Kevin.”Guy or girl?” asked Leonard, suspiciously.”GIRL of course!” answered Robyn.”How you know? Did you see her?” asked Leonard.”No…but…, who else could it be?” asked Robyn, confused.”Some fag dick sucker, that’s who!” said Leonard, walking up to the
hole. “Is somebody in there now?” he asked, peeking in through the hole
into the darkness on the other side.”We dunno…, we ain’t check yet. You see anybody?” asked Robyn.”No…” answered Leon.”Stick your dick in…, that’s how we found out last week!” advised Kevin.”You nigga’s crazy! Stick my dick in and let some bitch chop it off?” asked
Leonard.”Nobody wants your tiny sausage, Leon!” laughed Robyn.”Whatever nigga! Bet it’s bigger than yours!”"Whip it out!”
Both men lowered their shorts and exposed their dicks, stroking
them until they got rock hard. Robyn’s reached about a good 8 inches, while
Leon’s looked to be about a half inch longer.”What about yours Kev?” asked Leon, turning to find Kevin standing facing
the wall, his hard sick pushed all the way in on the other side. “What the
fuck is he doing?” he asked, seeing the odd face expressions on Kevin’s
face.”Getting his dick sucked by the looks of it!” announced Robyn, envious. Kevin said nothing as Preteen Model Pics he stood there getting his 7 and 1/2 inch
dick sucked expertly by the unknown dick pleaser on the other side. He
stood silently as the hot mouth danced up and down his hard dick, taking it
all the way into the back of his throat before sliding back up to the
swollen tip.”Someone’s in there?” asked Leon, watching Kevin’s reactions. “They sucking
your dick?” he asked, curiously.”Oh fuck, yeah man…sucking it reeeeaallll good…” he Preteen Model Pics
groaned.”Eww man…, it’s probably a dude on the other side!” assumed Leon,
frowning his face.”Suit yourself, nicca, I want my dick sucked!” insisted Robyn, waiting to
take Kevin’s place as soon as he was done.”Fuck that shit, I’m NEXT!” argued Leon, unable to pass up a free blow
job. He watched Kevin “ooh” and “ahh” as he pressed his entire body tightly
against the wall. He could hear the slurping sounds coming from the hole as
the suctioning wet mouth slobbered all over the 19 yr old’s stiff manhood.”Fuck…!” cursed Kevin, feeling his dick starting to throb.
Coach Brown could taste the sweet juices of his student’s nectar
excreting from the head, he tightened his thick full lips about the base of
the shaft and slithered his slick tongue up and down the underbelly until
he felt the dick starting to pulse out rope after rope of hot cum into his
mouth. “Awww fuck yeah…!!” groaned Kevin, losing his entire load to the
stranger’s mouth.”Shit man…, MY turn!!” yelled Leon, his dick rock hard and already oozing
pre-cum with anticipation.
No sooner had Kevin removed his dick, did Leon shove his through
the hole and directly into the awaiting mouth. “Damn man…, oh shit this
mouth feels good as shit!” he exclaimed, feeling the oral orifice swallow
his entire rod completely.”Told you!” laughed Robyn, watching as Leon started to fuck the hole with
his hips.”Damn man…, this shit feels like a fucking pussy on my dick! I never had
head like this!” admitted Leon, lost in love as he fucked in and out of the
Coach Brown had barely tasted Kevin Greene’s hot cum when he was
sucking his second dick. Leon Taylor was a third year student under his
charge, an over all good player with problems completing plays. Coach
always wondered what Leon had hidden between his legs, his long slim
muscular body showing promise of a long meaty rod. Coach Brown swallowed up
his entire 8 and 1/2 inch piece and massaged the shaft with his throat
muscles. “Oh fuck…!!” yelled Leon, losing his load almost immediately as
thick streaks of cum quickly filled Brown’s mouth full before swallowing it
all down into his stomach.”Who the fuck IS that??” he asked, yanking his softening dick from the hole
and peering back through. Coach Brown ducked back out of sight as the
eyeball returned to spy on him.”Who gives a fuck who it is…? asked Robyn, pushing Leon out of the
way. “…so long as they keep sucking dick like this, who gives a Preteen Model Pics
fuck?”"I do!” said Leon, getting up off the floor. “If it’s a girl and her
pussy’s as juice as her mouth is, I might wanna fuck it!”"If she wants a gang bang, she’ll stick her pussy up to the hole!” said
Robyn, feeling the hot mouth envelope his manhood whole. “Aww mannn this
mouth his like fuckin’ heaven!” Coach Brown could still feel the last clot of Leon Taylor’s cum
slowly oozing down his throat when he was presented another student’s
dick. He attacked Robyn’s 8 inch pole like a hungry beast as he sucked,
slurped, swallowed, and licked his way all up and down the shaft.
Coach Brown whipped out his own 10 inch hardon as he serviced his
students. He stroked his own iron clad mast in his fist as he bobbed his
head back and forth. He could hear the students talking, naming names of
males and female classmates they thought might be sucking them off on the
other side.”Yo…, what yall up to in here?” asked a new voice as Coach Brown’s ears
perked up.”Oh shit, Clarence…, you scared the shit out of us! We thought you were
Coach Brown!” said Kevin, as Brown sucked harder on Robyn’s pulsating
manhood.”What yall doing?” asked Clarence, getting closer as he viewed Robyn Fuller
standing very close to the back wall.”Check this out…!” said Leon, showing Clarence the hole Robyn was
using. “…somebody’s on the other Preteen Model Pics side of this wall giving blow job! Can
you fucking believe it?”"Really??” Preteen Model Pics asked Clarence, peeking over Robyn’s shoulder. “Guy or girl?”"We don’t know!” said Kevin, lingering in the back ground.”Where’s Coach?” asked Clarence, questionably.”In his office! We’re keeping a look out for him!” said Leon. “You want
some of this?”"Hell yeah!” said Clarence, thinking of Tyrome’s claims of freedom. If Ty
felt the right to fuck around, why shouldn’t he? Just then Robyn started to cum heavy gushed of salty cum into the
Coach’s mouth. “AAAHhh…ahhhhhh…” he sighed, losing his seed mass down
into the hot throat before pulling out.
Clarence pulled his semi-hard dick out from his shorts as all eyes
feel upon his foot-long. “Dayum man…! How big is that shit??” asked
Robyn, stepping aside.”12 inches!” gloated Clarence, waving it up and down as it grew harder on
display.”Shit man, you could be a porn star!” announced Kevin, his eyes popping
from their sockets.”That’s my back-up plan if basketball don’t work out!” laughed Clarence,
maneuvering in front of the hole.
Coach Brown had his eye up against the hole, viewing Clarence’s
legendary dick as he licked his lips and stroked his dick in hot
anticipation. He watched Clarence show it off to the fellas before stepping
up to the hole and shoving his beef inside.”Hot damn!” groaned Coach as the entire dick came barreling through. He sat
back admiring it for a minute as it stood tall and strong, demanding
service and attention, resembling a huge crank handle.”You sure someone’s in there?” asked Clarence, ready to pull back out.”Yeah! We ALL just got blow jobs!” insisted Leon.”Maybe that big dick scared her off!” laughed Robyn.”Wouldn’t be the first time!” complained Clarence.”Yo! What’s up in there?” asked Leon, banging on the wall with his
fist. “My boi wants a blow job!” Fearing Clarence might remove his dick, Coach Brown leaned forward
and started licking his tongue up the hard shaft. “Oh, okay…, now I feel
them now!” announced Clarence, as the tongue painted saliva on his dick.
Coach Brown licked up the Preteen Model Pics side and belly on the foot-long, tickling
the cum tube as he worked his way up to the head. The dick throbbed several
times as his lips encircled the fat crown, tasting the sweet pre-juice as
he swabbed the head with his tongue. Coach Brown couldn’t believe how
stacked 18 year old Clarence Johnson was at such a young age. He enclosed
his mouth around the top and began sucking. Clarence moaned softly as Coach
Brown took his time inching his thick lips down the hard shaft, enjoying
every inch as it filled his mouth more and more to capacity.”Mouth feels good, don’t it CJ?” asked one of the guys in the
background. Coach could hear them talking but wasn’t paying much attention
to what they were saying. He bobbed his head on about 9 inches of
Clarence’s dick, taking it into his throat a few times just to feel it
stretch his neck.
Clarence pressed his groin against the wall, hoping to feel more of
the mouth envelope him. His facial cheek was pressed flat against the
surface as his entire dick was forced through to the other side. Whoever
was sucking his dick was very good at it. Having already swallowed 3 hot
loads of cum, the mouth was sliding easily up and down at least 10 inches
of his dick effortlessly. Clarence felt the throat muscles caressing his
thick shaft every time he passed through into the throat. The lips locked
down around the base of his dick as his dick head plunged into the velvety
wet darkness of the moist convulsing throat, taking all 12 inches with
ease. Immediately Clarence began to wonder if this dick sucker was really
Tyrome Smith? Ty had been the only man to successfully swallow his dick in
its entirety, leaving Clarence to wonder. Coach Brown felt the entire 18 yr old’s dick lodge in his throat as
he pressed his nose into the wall. Holding his breath, he allowed the thick
manhood to pulse and throb in his throat for several long seconds before
pulling back to breath in some much needed air. He sucked furiously at the
flaring dick tip, tasting more pre-cum which quickly gathered there before
going all the way back down.”Damn…” Moaned Clarence, feeling his dick slip in and out of the tight
wet crevice of the hot slick throat.
Coach Brown quickly got addicted to swallowing Clarence’s thick
piece, loving the way it wedged itself deep inside Preteen Model Pics him. He pounded his face
down on the full length of the dick, taking it balls deep with every
plunge. Clarence stood with his face against the wall, choking out tiny
whimpers of pure pleasure as the mouth sucked him fully like a tight
Coach Brown whored his mouth on the dick, plunging his face into
the wall as he took the entire length again and again and again until he
suddenly felt it swell then start pulsing out thick wads of hot cum
directly down his throat and into his stomach.”AHHHHHHH, fuck yeaaaahhhhh…!!” moaned Clarence as he came.
Coach Brown could feel each pulse as the dick erupted again and
again deep down into the recedes of his aching throat. At that same precise
moment, Coach Brown’s big 10 inch dick suddenly exploded gobs of cum all
over the wall before him, causing him to pant loudly about the deeply
embedded phallus.”Oooh shit…” groaned Clarence, pulling his meat from the hole as it
flopped down between his legs like a dead snake.”We’d better get out of here before Coach comes in and sees wussup!”
announced one of the players, making everybody jittery as they all tucked
their dicks and headed for the exit.
Clarence stopped at the door, looking back in wonder as he tried to
remember when he last saw Tyrome. He hoped that wasn’t his boy sitting on
the other side of that hole sucking off anybody that wandered by, but he
had a sinking suspicion as he slowly walked out into the court._____________________
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